Thursday, November 29, 2012

sponsor fancy fine in december!

The holidays are upon us (so suddenly!) and it's time for new sponsors at Fancy Fine! If you have a vintage / handmade shop or some fun project you would like to promote on this blog please contact me for affordable advertising rates at December is the perfect month for spreading the word about your business, so get in touch before all the spots are taken!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

shop showcase: dear golden vintage

Dear Golden Vintage holds a rather special place in this vintage-obsessed girl's heart. Every new piece added to the shop stirs up my love a bit more, especially the impeccable dresses. It's as though everything was chosen for the sole purpose of making me drool all over my keyboard. Needless to say I end up clicking that 'favorite' button quite a bit when perusing the shop! And luckily for you and me Dear Golden is offering 20% off the entire shop using the code FANCYGOLDEN, through December 4th. I've had my eye on this sweet little 1960's frock for a while now, perhaps it's the perfect moment to buy myself an early Christmas gift? 'Tis the season to shop small and support your favorite Etsy sellers!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


photos by Darcy Rogers

dress  vintage from the loved one
hat  vintage, flea market

My apartment is starting to feel like a home, a big thing after living in the same cozy mint green dream room for nine years in San Francisco. I love having twice as much space now (which I've quickly filled up, of course) and the same charming old building features that I loved before, including the highest of ceilings. It's been fun to collect new (old) things on the east coast and mix them up with all of the treasured bits I brought with me. Fortunately I've sniffed out a good amount of flea markets and antique malls nearby to satisfy my never-ending need for scavenging, although I'm willing to take more recommendations from those of you in the know!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

winter white

jacket  thrifted
cardigan  yoon
dress  vintage
purse  vintage from bohemian bisoux
brooches  vintage
tights  asos
shoes  thrifted

A bit of winter white always makes me think of that dumb "no white after Labor Day" rule, which I never really understood because I tend to crave the color year round. This particular white frock was found on my last trip home to San Francisco and I think it works just as nicely with my favorite rusty tights as it will with bare legs and sandals when the weather turns warm again. Although that won't be happening any time soon! I've been slowly but surely adding to my arsenal of true winter gear, something I never had to worry much about in California. People keep saying that this winter is going to be a doozy and I'm secretly hoping it is, just so I can say that my first east coast winter was a legitimate one. Good thing there are hot chocolate shakes at Franklin Fountain to keep me going...

Friday, November 23, 2012

scavenge scavenge scavenge

I took a zillion photos of pretty things when I was in Adamstown but I managed to narrow it down for you, whew! I spent most of the day being completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to look at, and the other part of the day was taken over by squeals of delight. During such a squealing session a cute girl happened to recognize me and it turns out to be lovely Amy who owns one of my favorite online vintage shops, Wildfell Hall (um, THIS DRESS). She definitely saw me drooling like a crazy person over the funny purse above (which I now own) but she hid it well and was incredibly sweet. My dad teased me about being recognized in that tiny town the rest of the day and will most likely tease me about it for the rest of my life. Easily amused!

And of course I have to include a few Instagram moments from that day, including one of my favorite Donut shots ever...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

bundled up

coat  vintage
cardigan  vintage
blouse  j. crew
brooch  vintage
skirt  club monaco
shoes  c/o modcloth

Oh look, I'm back! You will have to forgive me for the sporadic blogging, it's been a real crazy (busy!) time lately and I'm finding it more and more difficult to post anything worthy of your attention on here. These photos were taken by my hilarious dad (he visited me last weekend) in my new favorite place in the whole world: Adamstown, also known as Antiques Capital, USA. I dragged the poor guy through antique mall after antique mall and we saw a little bit of everything you could possibly imagine. I found all kinds of treasures (including a 1940's navy dress with white lace trim, a large painting of kittens, and a giant fake milkshake) and I'm already aching to go back. The weather is turning cold around these parts but I'm happy to get some use out of my warmer coats, like this fur trimmed number that I found for next to nothing in a thrift store in San Francisco. I'm definitely not used to this cold, cold air but I love any excuse to layer!