Monday, October 31, 2011

monster mash

I adore Halloween. Always have, (probably) always will. A few days ago I attended an amazing Halloween house party hosted by Isla and filled to the brim with friends and strangers. My costume was Future Me, or what I intend to look like in about 45 years. I always put a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to costumes, as evidenced by this post of all my past Halloween looks. Last year's costume was a "Sexy" Pottery Teacher (the funny part being that it was incredibly un-sexy). I already have a wardrobe that for most people is like a one-stop costume shop, but it seems too easy to pull from my own clothes so I always try to put something together that I would never actually wear. That's a pretty high bar when I already wear lots of goofy things! So basically I'm just dressed crazy this time around... but don't be surprised if this 1960's silver robe I'm wearing makes a second appearance on Fancy Fine as a shortened fancy jacket.

I wore costume number two last night and there will quite possibly be a third one this evening, so expect even more photos soon! Happy Halloween to all you lovelies... tell me in the comments what your Halloween costumes are!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

giveaway: house of maryanne vintage

I'm extra excited to be offering this giveaway from House of Maryanne Vintage because the prize involves two of the loveliest magazines around: Yen and Frankie. To celebrate HoM's appearance in both magazines this month we are giving away subscriptions plus $100 to spend in the HoM shop! There will be two winners, one lucky lady receiving a subscription to Yen and $100 store credit, and the other receiving a Frankie subscription and $100 store credit. Sadly the subscriptions can only be sent to those living in Australia and New Zealand, but the store credit can be used by anyone no matter where in the world you are! And if you happen to not dwell in either of those places you can certainly give the gift of a subscription to someone who does if you win, which would be so generous and lovely of you!

To enter simply visit House of Maryanne and leave a comment at the bottom of the page (make sure to select the 'Post to Facebook' option) and sign up for the HoM newsletter. The deadline to enter is November 30th. Good luck to everyone... I sure wish I could enter myself!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

shop showcase: crush vintage

A store filled with darling 1950's frocks, perfect 1940's heels, and sweet little 1960's blouses? Heaven! Crush Vintage is the perfect mix of decades and styles, always filled to the brim with covetable pieces. There are also lots of beautiful coats, just in time for the late Autumn chill. And lucky for you they are offering 20% off anything in the shop using the code FANCY20 (expires on November 12th). Happy shopping, vintage lovers!

Friday, October 28, 2011

a dose of red

cardigan  j. crew
blouse  1940's vintage
necklace  the vamoose
belt  thrifted
skirt  1950's vintage
shoes  thrifted

I'm holding on desperately to these last days of sunshine and bare legs. The always beautiful Lauren, my partner in crime, joined me for a stroll in her rather perfect mushroom-hued ensemble. I've been wearing this funny J. Crew cardigan a lot (a friend described it as looking like chainmail) because it's the ideal oddball color to pair with nearly anything... especially bright red.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

a vintage soirée, part two

So the first official Vintage Soirée (a pop-up shop collaboration with Isla, Annalise, Jen, and Rachel) happened and it was even better than I expected. We are so totally going to do this monthly, guys! We even came up with a pretty cute name for ourselves, but I'll have to keep that hush hush for now. Our first sale involved many bottles of champagne, tons of cute ladies we lured in by calling out things like "$5 bins, $10 bins!" and lots of trying things on over our clothes. I wore a 1990's romper that was a wee bit short on me and kept flashing my bum (accidentally!) to strangers riding by on the bus. Okay, after a few glasses of champagne I may have been doing it ever-so-slightly on purpose. Anything for a laugh, right?

My outfit for the day: a thrifted 1990's romper that I was planning on selling, but it seemed like the perfect easy thing to thrown on for such a warm day. I paired it with my Fletcher by Lyell heels, a vintage hat found on Etsy, and lots o' pale leg.

Obviously we all had to don floor length prairie dresses for an impromptu photo shoot...