Tuesday, July 31, 2012

guest post: ale of rosaspina vintage

Here is another beautiful guest post, this one courtesy of the adorable Ale of Rosaspina Vintage. She hales from Turin, a dreamy town in northern Italy, and shares my obsession for romantic dresses made of lace. Ale is an illustrator and a kindred spirit and I hope that someday our paths cross because I'm pretty sure we'd have one hell of a tea party together.

When you asked me to come up with something that was related to Fancy Fine, I thought how much I enjoyed seeing San Francisco through your eyes, the eyes of someone who loves the town and knows lots of secret spots and the prettiest places. So this time I wanted to take you for a walk with me and show you a little bit of my town, Turin. Everyone who travels to Italy goes to Milan, Rome, Florence or Venice, which are all beautiful places but Turin is equally as charming, so I definitely thought it deserved to be shown off! I wore my favorite 40's lace dress just in your honor, as I remember lace is your favorite fabric and it happens to be my favorite too. Isn't it just the best invention ever?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

guest post: florida daze by katie-louise ford

Here is guest post number two, brought to you by the always splendid Katie-Louise Ford, she of the perfect Louise Brooks bob. Katie designs her own adorable 1950's-style dream dresses and is currently traveling the country with her curly haired man in a van named Woody. She's slowly making her way to New York and I can't wait for us to be on the same coast so that we can start our tap dancing duo already.

Photographs by Mont Clare

1960s dress - thrifted in California
platforms - Charles David
leather satchel - thrifted in Oregon
pendant - my Grandmother

Greetings from the Sunshine State! For the past 3 months my sweetheart and I have been living in a van, slowly making our way from Los Angeles to New York. You can read more about our travels over at my blog. We are currently in Clearwater, Florida, visiting family and enjoying a story book summer before stepping back into the real world. 

These photographs were taken at Clearwater Beach, where we've been spending each and every day lazing on the sugary sand, riding bicycles and floating in the warm gulf waters until the sun disappears behind the horizon. 

I was absolutely delighted when I heard Ashley was moving to Philadelphia. Not only does her new job sound like an absolute dream, but I'll be living  a stones throw away in NYC. Here's to plenty of champagne sipping and karaoke singing in the near future!

Friday, July 27, 2012

guest post: nicole eymard of fashion forestry

I am pleased to share the first of many wonderful guest posts from some of my favorite vintage bloggers. First up is Nicole Eymard of Fashion Forestry giving us a peek at her magnificent (and huge!) vintage hat collection. Nicole has always been one of my style heroes, adept at mixing the most delightfully bold, colorful, and humorous pieces from every era and making it look completely right. Nicole is one of a kind and I love her for it.

Hello there! My name is Nicole Eymard, I am the blog owner of Fashion ForestryWhen I was thinking of what to guest post on Fancy Fine I thought hmmmmmmm.... DUH!! An ode to our mutual collection (obsession) with hats. I have TOO MANY so it was extra challenging to choose the easiest to stack etc.

Here are (almost) all of my spring vintage hats. There are many representations from each of the following decades: 1920's - 1960's. I also had to include Clementine, my foxy pom!

Playsuit  1950's pastel plaid...has matching built-in bloomers!!!!
Hat  Late 1940's sun hat with a man riding a bicycle, a horse, a donkey, pineapples... you name it, it's on this hat!
Shoes  I added my own satin ribbons to Topshop shoes
Lipstick  Illamasqua

Thursday, July 26, 2012

sponsor fancy fine in august!

Well, my friends, it's the time of month when spots open on Fancy Fine for new sponsors! If you have a shop (vintage, handmade, etc.) or some cool project you'd like to promote on this blog then please contact me for advertising rates and details at hi@ashleyording.com. I love working with all kinds of people and companies, small and large, as long as the aesthetic matches my own. Get in touch, don't be shy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

fancy kid

Photos by Todd Hido

top  vintage
skirt  thrifted
shoes  fletcher by lyell

During my decade in San Francisco I was lucky enough to meet some rather amazing photographers, but perhaps the most lucky meeting was with Todd Hido. When he contacted me years ago I already knew who he was because I hugely admired his work, so needless to say I was over-the-moon excited to be his subject for an afternoon. This photo shoot led to many more and a wonderful friendship was born of our mutual love for Twin Peaks, old books, and seedy wig shops. When Todd realized I was moving across the country he brought over his adorable daughter Audrey and let me dress her up in things from my wardrobe. These photos were quickly snapped on my windy, freezing rooftop and they will always be one of my favorite memories of those last few days before leaving.

And here are a few more photos Todd shot of me (on film) over the past few years...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

house of maryanne lookbook

The wonderful House of Maryanne is back with a beautiful vintage collection, True Prep, featuring the perfect mix of preppy, romantic and mod. I'm smitten with these hazy lookbook photos by Lauren Bamford featuring pretty girls, sweetly demure clothes, and a coy schoolgirl mood. These amazing pieces and more can be purchased directly from the HoM Facebook page and Fancy Fine readers can save 10% off their first purchase by mentioning the blog when buying. Be sure to follow HoM on Instagram and Pinterest for even more vintage inspiration!