Monday, April 8, 2013

happy together

sunglasses  karen walker
coat  zara
blouse  vintage, flea market
skirt  vintage from the greedy seagull
belt  vintage, thrifted
bag  j. crew
shoes  anthropologie

I am unreasonably happy about the changing weather, so much so that I'm afraid my California Girl colors are all too visible. I was hanging in there for my first east coast winter, but oh man am I happy to ditch the tights. I've been squirreling away so many good summery things and finally I can take them out on the town. I can already tell this pretty striped skirt (made of the lightest silk ever) is going to see a lot of sunshine and the coat has been on my back for a week straight. Last weekend I was wearing it while wandering around a museum and a cute old lady walking by me actually grabbed my sleeve and exclaimed "Oh what a beautiful, beautiful coat!" I didn't have time to be startled by a stranger grabbing me because I could only think "I know! I'm so happy it exists!" Fashion: Bringing Kooky Strangers Together Since Forever.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

bathing beauty

Summer is going to be 1,000 times more awesome now that I'm the proud owner of these old lady style "fashion swim caps." I found them both at a funny little souvenir shop in Maui and I couldn't even believe that they still make these styles. I had been searching all over for a vintage version but everything I found was a bit too expensive ($40 and up), but these babies cost me only $15 apiece, which I thought was quite the steal until I did a bit of research online to see if my finds were dead stock and I found you can buy these for even cheaper, and they're brand new. The boringly named sells them both for under $9, the solid version here and the multi version here. So if you're looking to turn heads at the pool (for all the wrong reasons), you're welcome. I, for one, simply cannot wait to protect my hair in true grandmotherly style.

Of course, I must admit the vintage ones are extra special, even if they don't come as cheaply...

Last two images via Pinterest & Glamour Splash.