Monday, January 30, 2012

new in the shop: dresses!

A small update featuring three wonderful dresses. I have a lot more amazing pieces that I'll be listing next week, and I hope to score even more on an upcoming shopping trip. I'm also excited to finally share the most recent photo shoot I did with ModCloth, a Valentine's Day themed one with my favorite style of hair which you can see here!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

footlight parade

I've been quite obsessed lately with the sweetly feminine styles worn by the dancers in old musicals, especially Busby Berkeley musicals from the early 1930's. The amazing stage costumes have always melted my heart but I think I may adore the outfits worn for rehearsals just a tiny bit more: high waisted tap pants, blouses with peter pan or ruffled collars, short socks with maryjanes... too good! Adorable Ruby Keeler (in the center above) pulled off this look better than anyone in musicals like Footlight Parade, 42nd Street, and Dames. Sometimes I'm quite tempted to chop off my scraggly locks (gasp!), curl 'em up, and tap dance my way down the sidewalks of San Francisco like nobody's watching.
Dance Dance Dance #03

Two early 1940's babes with ready-to-dance style.
Dance Dance Dance #01

The best costumes ever, from Footlight Parade.
Dance Dance Dance #02

Dance Dance Dance #04

Dance Dance Dance #05

Film images from the amazing Valentino Vamp.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

golden girls

Photos by Joshua Cobos

A few photos from the Golden Collective Vintage Sale that happened several weekends ago. The weather was chilly but we managed to entertain ourselves all day long with the assistance of some friendly strangers and a bit of champagne. I love these girls and I can't wait until the third Sunday of February when we'll be selling our vintage wares once again!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sponsor fancy fine in february!

What better way to convince all you lovely purveyors of vintage and handmade treasures to sponsor Fancy Fine than with an incredibly cute kitten? A rather fancy kitten, I might add. It's the end of another month and that means I'm opening up a few sponsorship spots for the month of February. If you'd like to know my rates and other details please email me at I love supporting small, independent businesses and projects but I'm open to all possibilities. Don't be shy, dears!

(Amazing kitten found here!)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

awesome hot cakes

Photos by Craig Stokle

coat  1950's vintage
sweater  zara
blouse  j. crew
skirt  thrifted
boots  vintage

It takes me 45 minutes to walk to work from my apartment and I do it happily four times a week. Up and down hills, past the same buildings, rushing through the same intersections, constantly almost getting hit by oblivious drivers and bikers, zig zagging around the slow walkers. These are a few of the sights along the way. Those "awesome hot cakes" sure sounded tempting... maybe next time I'll have to leave myself some extra time. It might be nice to slow down in the middle of all that rushing, rushing, rushing.

Friday, January 20, 2012

a fine day for prancing

Photos by Isla Bell

coat  1960's vintage
dress  1950's vintage
blouse  vintage
brooch  thrifted
belt  thrifted
boots  vintage

Winter weather has finally hit San Francisco, which means it's time for all my warmest coats to see the light again. I found this beautiful navy 1960's coat at the last Vintage Fashion Expo (my favorite event of the year) and it's just the thing to keep me toasty. I met up with the lovely Isla for a "coffee & photos" date (just as silly and fun as it sounds) and she also happened to be wearing a navy coat. Too bad we didn't manage to get a photo together! The boots are a new addition to the wardrobe and were found in the men's section at Painted Bird because my huge feet wouldn't fit into any of the lady shoes. I can't tell you how long I've been searching for the perfect short, brown boots that I can clomp around the city in all day long. For $20 these were worth the wait!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

post mod

Photos by Joshua Cobos

dress  1960's vintage
boa  vintage
tights  american apparel
shoes  tic tac toes

It occurred to me recently that I have lived in San Francisco for nearly a decade. So many years spent climbing up and down the most wonderful, adventure-filled hills I could possibly imagine, eating my way through every neighborhood, and singing enough karaoke to make me some kind of professional weirdo. These photos were shot near my apartment in Nob Hill, a favorite place to go exploring because there are so many hidden alleys and secret spots still to be discovered. I had a little moment on the swings in Huntington Park and I could remember being in the same exact spot about nine years earlier with a group of friends from art school, all of us so excited to be in this magical city and stumbling towards adulthood together. I'm certain I will find myself in another city sooner or later, someplace with new karaoke bars, new secret spots to find, and new friends to make mischief with. But San Francisco will always be here waiting for me, a piece of my fuchsia heart tucked somewhere safe in one of those alleys.