Monday, January 30, 2012

new in the shop: dresses!

A small update featuring three wonderful dresses. I have a lot more amazing pieces that I'll be listing next week, and I hope to score even more on an upcoming shopping trip. I'm also excited to finally share the most recent photo shoot I did with ModCloth, a Valentine's Day themed one with my favorite style of hair which you can see here!


Unknown said...

Thank goodness tomorrow is payday~*
There are a few things in your cute shop that I have my eye on!

MissKait said...

so in love with the first dress.

xoxo katlin

Unknown said...

love the shop update, and also absolutely adore the mod cloth lookbook... absolutely adorable! you look stunning in every single one!


Miss Woody said...

too lovely things !! <3

Liz said...

ashley, that blue checkered dress is going to forever haunt my soul!