Monday, December 31, 2012

happy new year

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Happy new year to all you lovelies & thank you for always inspiring me!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

shop showcase: omnia vintage

Omnia Vintage has long been one of my favorite Etsy shops, a go-to source for special vintage pieces that are one of a kind and perfectly off-kilter. I have quite a collection of wonderful bags from Omnia and I'm always finding another two or three that I absolutely must add to my collection (most recently this amazing 1960's tote). The shop is also brimming with belts, shoes, and clothing, but I think the bags are the highlight. It's a good thing the shop is constantly updated with new finds because these pieces tend to be snatched up quickly! Take a peek and treat your vintage obsessed self to a present this holiday.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

pale yellow

photos by Darcy Rogers

vest  vintage
dress  vintage
belt  vintage
shoes  vintage

A bit of pale yellow and gold with bits of sparkle all over, always a favorite combo. This particular ensemble was thrown on with complete disregard for the gross weather outside, purely for the purpose of dancing about my apartment. People often ask me if I secretly wear sweatpants at home since I'm otherwise quite dressed up, and I love seeing the look on their faces when I tell them no and admitting that I don't even own sweatpants. Usually I can be found in a floor length pink satin robe circa the 1960's that is trimmed with pretty lace ruffles. Which probably isn't shocking, right? Maybe only to the dude that delivers my favorite Indian food...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

cool yule

photos by Veronika Placek

coat  vintage
scarf  anthropologie
top  vintage
skirt  vintage
tights  asos
shoes  vintage ferragamo

I threw this funny mix of prints on recently for a lady date with Miss Veronika. She took me to the Franklin Institute to see an amazing Titanic exhibit and then we went for sour apple margaritas at El Rey. My hair was a complete mess but we managed to sneak these photos in regardless, dumb faces and all. The outtakes are all of me dancing wildly in the alley like a madwoman, something I should probably put in animated gif form.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

mint on mint

photos by Darcy Rogers

jacket  vintage
dress  vintage from thrifted & modern
bracelet  vintage

In the past ten or so years my wardrobe has drastically turned over. For a while I was collecting so many new things (dug up mostly at thrift stores and flea markets) that I was forced to purge my closets frequently so I wouldn't be drowning in vintage. And now I'm constantly drowning in vintage because I've given up on the regular wardrobe purging, finding it too hard to part with my vintage finds. The mint 1960's jacket in these photos is one of very few pieces I've owned for more than five years. I found this little number in a thrift store about nine years ago and it has somehow avoided being sold off on Etsy or to Buffalo Exchange ever since. If I comb through my closets there are very few things I've owned for more than five, six, seven years, but that will someday change now that it feels as though I have a true collection and not just a bunch of silly threads to wear once and toss out. I do sometimes think about a few dresses I let go back in the day, in particular a gorgeous 1950's orange brocade party dress that will probably haunt me forever. I hope, for the sake of the dress, that some adorable gal is dancing around in it somewhere. It deserved a few more parties.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

december details

Fancy new heels from BHLDN, perfect for Anthropologie's company holiday party this week.

A bit of holiday flair in the form of a vintage tree I found in Adamstown.

Donut was not very pleased with her early Christmas gift...

A beaded pouch from Anthropologie that I plan on using as a fancy makeup bag.

Holiday trimmings, ready to be hung and wrapped around presents.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

among the flowers

Adored Vintage has long been one of my favorite online vintage shops and this gorgeous lookbook explains everything. The clothes, the styling, the colors, the feminine mood... it's something I will go back to again and again for inspiration. There is something wonderfully timeless about these images and I know that I will find them just as beautiful in several years as I do at this moment.

photos by Rodellee Bas
modeled by Zoe Portia Flood