Thursday, January 26, 2012

golden girls

Photos by Joshua Cobos

A few photos from the Golden Collective Vintage Sale that happened several weekends ago. The weather was chilly but we managed to entertain ourselves all day long with the assistance of some friendly strangers and a bit of champagne. I love these girls and I can't wait until the third Sunday of February when we'll be selling our vintage wares once again!


Julia Topaz said...

i want to live in San Francisco!

Santina said...

Adorable photos! I am determined not to miss the next one!

Louise, Raspberries In Winter said...

You're all so cute, love the red socks.

MissKait said...

you gurls all look so darling. and it seems like the weather didn't get to you down.
thats such a cute idea!!

xoxo katlin

Unknown said...

you girls look like such a blast!


Phara said...

You all look lovely together, what a happy bunch!

Nicolette Lafonseca-Hargreaves said...

That looks like such a fun day

Nicolette xo

The Semi Sweet said...

You all must be the funnest bunch of girls ever.