Wednesday, August 25, 2010

birthdays & magazines

photo by Peter Noble

My lovely lady Lauren (alliteration!) celebrated her 23rd birthday last night. There were cocktails galore and a bit of drunken karaoke in a dangerously hot room to top it all off. I've also been itching to finally share with you the article I was featured in for San Francisco magazine. They gave me the entire back page and wrote quite flattering, lovely things... albeit things that made me snort with laughter. It's just too weird reading about yourself. The best part was the description in the table of contents: "A local shopgirl's cyber runway draws international fans." Priceless.


Rubyellen said...

can i have all your clothes please? totally love your style!

HAYLEY said...

What a glowing review, and well-deserved! Congratulations!


Meg! said...

This is so cool, you must be super proud!

Kelly Lauren said...

great feature! you're fabulous.