Sunday, March 17, 2013

fruit salad

photos by Lauren Manning

jacket  anthropologie
blouse  vintage from hollie point
skirt  vintage
clutch  anthropologie
tights  american apparel
shoes  vintage ferragamo

This is some rather wishful dressing, a way to ignore the dull and dreary weather and look ahead to warm spring months. I can't banish the tights from my outfits just yet (although I'm dying to), but that doesn't mean I can't dress head to toe like a walking fruit salad in the meantime. I've been squirreling away all kinds of warm weather pieces lately, including quite a few pretty dresses and some leather sandals that will go with everything. And now I'll just be waiting patiently!


Natalie said...

Super lovely outfit! I've been wishing and dreaming of warmer weather as well, I can't wait!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous colors! I love the post title, totally appropriate:)
That jacket is amazing...

Anonymous said...

wow that jacket is really striking and exciting! i'm lovely this neon/fluorescent trend right now

Elanor said...

I'm convinced this sort of outfit is one that only you could pull off...but you look just so gorgeous! Color me jealous. Perfect.

xxoo E

Katie Frank said...

this look is so elegant but also unique. & i love it.

The Eyre Effect said...

I know exactly what you mean! I wore some sandals the other day and paid for it dearly; it was so cold!
I love this outfit. You look fantastic, and so fun and bright in dreary weather!
Happy Monday!

Jenn from Fashion and Fringe said...

Wow you truly have a knack for matching colors! Gorgeous. Love the patterned blouse as well :)

Stone Fox said...

You look amazing!
Best wishes

Sarah said...

you're just wonderful :)

Nancy Wilde said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I never get tired of your awesome sense of style^^

Mostly Lisa said...

Holy wow! I am in love with your style. xoxo

Mostly Lisa

Kitsune-kun said...

ooo that is one dreamy skirt! love the changes in hues!