Friday, November 14, 2014

unintentional flamenco vibes

blouse  vintage
skirt  suno

Freshly cut hairs and a glimpse into my guest room, which I haven't yet shared photos of because it has quickly turned into a massive second closet / office. The embroideries on the wall all belong to my boyfriend, who has quite a thing for flowers, boats and birds. The little framed number resting on the fireplace to my right says "Clarity is Such a Fucking Rarity" and was a birthday gift from me to him based on lyrics to an old rap song he wrote. Oh, and my outfit wasn't intended to be a nod to flamenco dancing but those sleeves don't lie.


claire said...

such a beautiful blouse! have a wonderful day


ALG said...

I love your blog! I discover it thanks to The clothes horse ! Your are very pretty!!

Anonymous said...

The embroideries are amazing :) Love your blouse!
Xx, Macarena

Jeanne said...

Stunning pictures and outfit inspo ! You look amazing! I love your blouse!!