Saturday, March 22, 2014

a collection most curious

I'm pleased as punch to be featured on the Anthropologie blog, showing off my collection of fake food and posing with Donut. I mixed up a few of my favorite Anthropologie pieces (including this skirt and this dress) with vintage. The best part about this photo shoot was that, in addition to collaborating with my talented coworkers, we were overstocked with all kinds of delicious foods to use for props. And this meant that afterwards we could eat everything, including that cheeseburger and the gorgeous blueberry pie. Let's just say I was stuffed for a week!

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Lucy in the Sky said...

Your outfits are just beautiful and these are some really cute pictures too!

Katie Frank said...

omg! that photo with you and the cat is way too adorable !! xx

Alexandra Marie said...

You're adorable and these pictures are perfection! Alex

Lorna said...

So cute outfits! I really enjoy this séries as Im a bit fed up With foodporn these Days even though some cooking Tv shows are interesting this is funny and cute I like it a lot!
Thanks for sharing,
Happy to be new on your blog