Saturday, September 14, 2013

delancey street

jacket  vintage
top  anthropologie (a few years ago)
skirt  suno
bag  vintage
shoes  zara

Let's face it, I've been pretty awful at documenting outfits lately (aside from the usual Instagram moments). Somehow I managed to squeeze a few shots in before work one day, although my efforts were nearly thwarted by some pretty gross humidity. My outfits have been on the tame side lately (well, tame for me) because of my job as a stylist. I've had to put the heels and crazier dresses aside for now in favor of pieces I can move around in, but that doesn't mean I have stopped collecting like a madwoman, particularly when it comes to special pieces like this dreamy Suno skirt (which is covered in little sequin flowers). I have a stack of new goodies I brought back from my recent trip to San Francisco and I'm dying to share them with you, look for that soon!


Alexandra Marie said...

Love this look and these pictures! Alex

Unknown said...

Your outfits are so demure and ladylike! The skirt with the checkered pastel coat is to die for-totally inspirational! xx

Kate said...

I love this outfit! I love the prints together and the proportions. So cute.

Kate from Clear the Way

ohsorosie said...

Beautiful outfit :) you look wonderful.
I'm going to San Fran next year for the first time and soaking up every last bit of info I come across. Do you have any recommendations?
Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

Kelli Murray said...

Love every piece! You're such a natural beauty. xo

The Blue Curtain said...

very cute! love your shoes!!!!

Unknown said...

absolutely love this! the colours in the background as well as your clothes.

petal and plume said...

so very gorgeous. you have incredible style! i just adore your blog.