Thursday, August 16, 2012

free shipping from fancy fine vintage

Fancy Fine Vintage is (finally!) back in business and to celebrate I'm offering free shipping through September 1st! Just enter the code 'FANCYFREESHIP' at checkout. There are lots of beautiful pieces in the shop, including some rather covetable dresses that I would totally keep if I had an inch of room left in my closet for one more dress. I may be a rabid collector but I still know that I can't keep all the pretty vintage for myself!

Happy shopping, dears!


Unknown said...

Oooh thanks, i've jut bought a dress!

CouldBeKim said...

Congrats on reviving your shop. Good luck with it!


Tina Sosna said...

your blog is just amazing...!

Katie Frank said...

oh wow, it's cool <3 i'm glad to hearing this. i'm going to web and check stuff there <3